Software tools



SOTEA (Software Tool for Efficient Drives) is an Excel tool that estimates the percentage of the consumption attributable to electric drives and provides a rough initial calculation of the energy saving potential, based on a minimal amount of information about the company and its electricity consumption/costs.


ILI+ (Intelligent List) is an Excel tool that creates a systematic list of all the electric drive systems of a company, in order to provide a rough energy efficiency analysis of the electric drives, ranking them according to their potential savings.


STR (Standard Test Report) is an Excel tool designed to provide a detailed analysis, which refers to the measurement of a single system. It uses the measured data to calculate the potential energy saving of the drive and the ROI of the improvement measure.

Motor Systems Tool:

A drive system can be simulated and the power and efficiency for all load conditions can be determined with a Motor Systems Tool ( It determines the overall efficiency of the system and highlights critical areas and any overload. The Motor Systems Tool was developed by the Danish Technological Institute.


The Velani-Tool enables you to estimate the theoretical savings potential of your electric motor system using an Excel file.