Financial incentive programs


Projects that lead to a reduction in the consumption of electricity are eligible for financial support.


Within the framework of financial incentive programs of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, annual competitive tenders by ProKilowatt support programs and projects that contribute to a more economical use of electric energy in industry, services and households.

Energie Zukunft Schweiz

Energie Zukunft Schweiz (EZS - “Energy Future Switzerland”) operates a number of financial incentive programs that are supported by ProKilowatt under the direction of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

Efficient pumps ProEPA

ProEpa is the industry-wide program for energy efficient pumps of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy who works together with Swissmem.


Energie Experten operates the search portal Energiefranken together with Faktor Journalisten. It provides a list of all the energy effciency financial incentive programs in Switzerland. With a few clicks you can find the current subsidy program offered by the cantons, cities and municipalities as well as the campaigns of regional power supply companies.