Best practices

No. 17
Metallux SA
Mendrisio TI
Metallux SA, Mendrisio TI

By optimising its the ventilation system, Metallux SA in Mendrisio TI has reduced the electricity consumption of its new ventilation system by three quarters and saves around CHF 17 000 per year. The additional investment has paid for itself in less than a year.

No. 16
Micarna SA
Bazenheid SG
Micarna SA, Bazenheid SG

With the renewal of the ventilation systems in the cleanroom area, Micarna SA in Bazenheid is saving around CHF 26 000 per year in electricity costs. With the subsidies from ProKilowatt and the lower mainte- nance costs, the investment will pay for itself in around 3.6 years.

No. 15
Décovi SA
Viques JU
Décovi SA, Viques JU

By replacing the compressed air supply, Décovi SA in Vicques JU saves around 87000 kWh of electricity per year and thus almost CHF 13 000 in electricity costs.

No. 14
ARA Foce Maggia TI
Locarno TI
ARA Foce Maggia, Locarno TI

By replacing a sludge pump, the Foce Maggia wastewater treatment plant (ARA) has cut electricity consumption for the pumping station by 50 to 60% and saved around CHF 15 000 per year.

No. 13
Castel San Pietro TI
PAMP SA, Castel San Pietro TI

With the replacement of the waste air purification facility in its gold refinery, PAMP SA in Castel San Pietro (TI) has slashed plant electricity consumption by 60% and saved some CHF 26 000 per year.

No. 12
Eclépens VD
Best Practice No. 12: CRIDEC SA, Eclépens VD

Comprehensive renewal of its compressed air equipment enables CRIDEC SA in Eclépens VD to save around one-sixth of its overall electricity consumption.

No. 11
Regional-Eisbahn Sense-See AG
Düdingen FR
Regional-Eisbahn Sense-See AG

Thanks to the new refrigeration system, training on the Düdingen ice rink can take place as early as August. The new system also cuts electricity costs by around 36% and heating oil consumption by 80%.

No. 10
Sables & Graviers La Poissine SA
Grandson VD
Best Practice No. 10: Sables & Graviers La Poissine SA

By installing a new pump and adapting the size, Sables & Graviers La Poissine SA, a company based in Grandson in the Swiss canton of Vaud, has halved the electricity consumed by the main pump in its gravel washing system.

No. 09
Jura Cement AG
Best Practice No. 09: Jura Cement AG, Wildegg cement works

The redesign of its high-performance ventilators will enable Jura Cement AG in Wildegg to save nearly 700 MWh per year.

No. 08
HASTAG (Zürich) AG
Wil ZH
HASTAG (Zürich) AG

By renewing the motor of the conveyor belt system leading into the gravel plant in Wil ZH, HASTAG
(Zürich) AG has reduced the facility’s energy consumption by around 10 %.

No. 07
IVF Hartmann AG
Neuhausen a. R .
IVF Hartmann AG

In 2016, IVF Hartmann AG decided to replace its outdated pumps with new, more efficient models. This measure saves the company around 53 000 kWh of electricity per year.

No. 06
Waste incineration plant
KVA Geneva

A primary fan was optimised in the municipal waste incineration plant of Services Industriels de Genève (SIG). Part of the measure involved resizing of the fan and the new IE3 motor and use of a frequency converter.

Further information in english: in progress

No. 05
Wastewater treatment plant
ARA Geneva

An urban waste water treatment plant operated by Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) was analyzed and optimised. In this case, it was possible to save 2.05 GWh electricity per year (-15.3%) with a payback of 2.3 years with a new operating software strategy and without major mechanical changes. When reviewed over a service life of around 20 years, this investment results in savings of around CHF 5.3 million.

Further information in english: in progress

No. 04
Emmi AG
Emmi AG

The motor driven units of the refrigeration system at Emmi’s plant in Ostermundigen were analysed and their energy use optimised. They were able to save 213 MWh electricity per year (-5 %) after implementing of improvements on 5 refrigeration compressors.

Further information in english: in progress

No. 03
Dairy processing
Western Switzerland
Dairy processing

A business in Western Switzerland underwent a Motor-System-Check by the Topmotors program - with success. They were able to save 51 852 kWh electricity per year (-66 %) after implementing the first measure.

Further information in english: in progress

No. 02
Reber Ernst Sutter AG
Langnau i. E.
Reber Ernst Sutter AG, Langnau i. E.

The energy use of the meat-processing factory Reber Ernst Sutter AG was studied as part of the Easy funding program. The control system for the ventilation and compressed air were improved, resulting in an annual electricity cost saving of CHF 8 400. After implementing all of the recommended measures, the savings totals CHF 47 000 per year.

Further information in english: in progress

No. 01
Chocolats Halba
Chocolats Halba, Wallisellen

Chocolate manufacturer Chocolats Halba underwent a Motor-System-Check as part of the Topmotors program - with success. With a new IE3 motor including a frequency converter and a more efficient toothed belt, they were able to save 24 000 kWh of electrical energy per year on a fine grinding roller mill.

Further information in english: in progress