73.9% IE3 motors in Switzerland

According to the Topmotors Market Report, 21'224 electric motors were within the scope of the legal requirements (i.e. between 7.5 - 375 kW mechanical output power with 2-, 4- and 6-poles) of the total 173'040 motors sold in Switzerland in 2016. From these, 76.6% (73.9% IE3 and 2.7% IE4) fulfilled the legal requirements, 0.8% (IE1) did not and for 22.7% (IE2) it cannot be accurately determined to what percentage they fulfilled the legal requirements, while it is assumed that they did to a large extent.

The price of IE3 premium motors was 17% more than the lower efficient IE2 class. The price of the next generation IE4 motors was 21% more than of IE3.

More information on sales, efficiency, availability and cost of electric motors is available in the Topmotors Market Report. This first-time research will be carried out each year. The results will be published in the Topmotors Market Report.